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About TeamViewer

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel you won’t be able to use your laptop and leave it at home? However, it ends up in a plot twist. You need to access files that are only available through your laptop. Then, how? Well, let TeamViewer tell you.

TeamViewer Review: About TeamViewer

TeamViewer is an online service that innovates software specialized in connecting various devices. Besides, it can also used across countries. So, you don’t need to use VPNs in between. Hassle-free and convenient!

Being a leader in this industry, it doesn’t take long for their name to be exposed worldwide. Accordingly, it isn’t surprising that they have several awards, including Best Automative Solution at XR Award 2023.

Likewise, we found that their social media also receive the vast attention they deserve. It shows that their Facebook has 2.6M followers, and their Instagram has 69K followers.

Moreover, we have already elaborated all these company details through this TeamViewer review. This will be a nail-biter, so make sure you read it carefully. Let’s get started!

Overview of TeamViewer

It all started in 2005 when this small company created software to remotely connect to their customers’ computers to showcase new applications. Oliver Steil is the name of the person who owns this business.

Realizing the maximum efficiency of this software, they created a separate company called ‘TeamViewer.’ Thanks to their dedication, this company has become a leader in innovative remote connectivity.

Years have passed, and over 2.5 billion devices have installed their software. The company is headquartered in Germany, but the downloader is from worldwide.


  • Safe, reliable software
  • Responsive customer service
  • 7 day money back guarantee
  • Free download
  • 4.7/5 ratings on TrustPilot

TeamViewer Review

Being the most trusted remote control service, TeamViewer has numerous products and solutions. However, before exploring them, let’s understand the details of their software.

TeamViewer Reviews: TeamViewer Review

Some may think their software is an alternative to video conference, but it differs. When you use video conference, you must wait until other people activate their share screen. Above all, you still can’t access it immediately.

In short, this company software gives you full access to other devices and does everything via another device. For example, you are accessing your computer at home through your smartphone at school.

Wait, what about the security? Is it safe? The answer is yes. You need to type in the ID and password from the remote device, which means you can’t access any device you wish. Both parties will know whether the TeamViewer software works on their device.

TeamViewer Products

Moreover, they also have Quicksupport, which enables a support technician remotely access and troubleshoot a computer. It is an excellent alternative to going to a technician once you have a problem. Saves time!

Furthermore, we will review their products in more detail. If you are curious whether your choice matches your preference and need, let’s jump to the next section!

TeamViewer Remote Reviews

Have you wondered if you could share your device with your family and friends? Let’s forget about the share screen at the video conference cause it takes time. Let Remote do the favor!

TeamViewer Review: TeamViewer Remote Reviews

Remote is where you can access your device through another device. This can remove the location barrier, allowing you to run any server from home for mobile, on a train, or anywhere.

Moreover, you don’t have to use a VPN to access your device and files. By this chance, you can stay productive without any hassle. Interesting, right?

Remote Details

  • Excellent security
  • Quick remote support
  • Easy to use
  • Multiplatform access
  • Numerous excellent shortcuts

Further, having this software undoubtedly saves you time and money. Even better, it also helps simplify your hassle access on different devices. Thus, get the software free of charge by going to their website!

TeamViewer Tensor Reviews

Similar to the Remote, Tensor also offers connectivity solutions. What differs between both products comes from the fact that the Tensor was built for enterprise. Thus, it undoubtedly has more features for business.

TeamViewer Review: TeamViewer Tensor Reviews

Since this product is for business, it isn’t surprising that they have more security. Better yet, it has 360 remote support with AR-based to resolve your issue at no time.

In addition to their built-in security, this product also lets you manage the growing scale of devices accross locations and time zones. Thus, these connections make you feel like you are in the same area as your employees.

Tensor Details

  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Hassle-free remote monitoring
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Session recording
  • Certified excellence

Need to access your remote worker employee’s device? You better go with Tensor. This software ensures a high level of security and a stress-free user interface. Hence, go to their website and get this for your business now!

TeamViewers Plans & Pricing

This company offers numerous plans and pricing. It includes single users, teams, and enterprises. Each has its package and price, but we will break down all of them here so you can decide which one to choose.

First, the single-user plan. This plan has 2 pricing types: remote access and business. The remote access costs $24.90/month with 3 managed devices, while the business costs $50.90/month with 200 managed devices.

Moreover, if you purchase for the team, there are also 2 types: premium and corporate. The premium cost is $112.90/month with 300 managed devices, while the corporate cost is $229.90/month with 500 managed devices.

Lastly, the enterprise has no upfront price. You need to contact the customer service for the quote. We believe the cost will differ based on your needs. Thus, don’t forget to fill out the form with details about your company.

Likewise, you should read the details of each plan and pricing through their Pricing page. You can also compare the benefits of each plan immediately.

How Does TeamViewer Work?

Are you ready to be a host and access other devices? You come to the right section! Below, we will tell you how to connect devices using TeamViewer software. Check it out!

  • Go to their official website
  • Click ‘Free Download’ at the top of the page
  • Follow the instructions until the software is installed on your device
  • Login to your account and create a session
  • At this step, you can see the session code or ID (There will also be a link to go to the session)
  • On other devices, open the TeamViewer app or click the session link
  • Next, click ‘Join Session’
  • Input the ID and the password (if any)
  • Done! The device is now connected

However, please note that you can access the TeamViewer software on the website. Thus, you do not need to install it again on your device. Now, you can choose whether to have it as an application or access it through the website immediately.

TeamViewer Pros and Cons

Read Teamviewer’s pros and cons before deciding. That’s a great decision! To help you better, we already list all of them in the table below. Check it out!


  • Safe and secure software
  • Easy to use (Hassle-free system access)
  • User-friendly interface
  • App available for PCs, smartphones, etc
  • Seamless file transfer
  • Connects quickly
  • Free trial available


  • Some plans have quite expensive price

Who Is TeamViewer For?

TeamViewer target audience is those looking for a shortcut to access another device to install, manage, and everything in between. It is perfect for those looking for safe and secure software to connect devices across different locations, even countries.

Moreover, it is also perfect if you want a simple, easy, and convenient way. It’s all because their software doesn’t need any VPN to connect between countries.

TeamViewer Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Being a hot topic in Reddit, we will help you find the reason behind its 4.7 ratings on TrustPilot. We already picked some and presented it below. Let’s see them closer!

TeamViewer Review: TeamViewer Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

The first customer review said:

Teamviewer is helpful for remotely assisting old parents who are forced to use a computer. Thank you! Your product is beneficial to me and my family.

The review above implies that this customer is delighted with this company’s service. He said that he could eventually help his older parents and assist them in using a computer from far away.

Another review said:

Best remote control software. This software is available to use for free. I didn’t use the paid version, but they are already powerful.

As we all know, there is also a free version for everyone. This customer said that although he uses the free version, the performance is still powerful.

Furthermore, all customers said that they were happy with the software. Some are happy cause they can stay in the loop with the elderly in their family, while others don’t need to spend any money to use the software. It shows how great this company’s innovation is.

Is TeamViewer Legit?

TeamViewer is legit. Their legitimacy is shown through the fantastic ratings they got from numerous sites. For instance, 4.7/5 is on TrustPilot, 4.7/5 is on Capterra, and 4.4/5 is on G2. Those ratings show that above-average reviews stated that they are satisfied with this company’s software.

Moreover, their software is also used by big, well-known companies. Thus, their reputation and track record are undoubtedly excellent and add a layer of trust to their customers.

Is TeamViewer Worth It?

Not many people bring their laptops, tablets, and smartphones at once. Aside from being heavy, these electronics sometimes end up unused. Thus, the existence of TeamViewer is undoubtedly worth it. This software helps access various devices at any place and time.

TeamViewer Review: Is TeamViewer Worth It?

Better yet, the ‘Remote’ service is offered free of charge. Thus, you don’t need to pay even a dollar to use their software. However, if you appear to need accessing more than 1 device, their pricing is still reasonable. Say no to emptying your wallet!

How To Contact TeamViewer

This company is happy to assist you with your concerns. If you want to address your concern, do not hesitate to reach out to them via:

Where to buy TeamViewer?

To get the software, you can go to their official website. When you go to, you will find a ‘Free Download’ button at the top of the website.

TeamViewer Coupon Codes & Promos

There are some deals this company currently has. You can check the list below if you want to know the details. Enjoy!

  • Free download for TeamViewer Remote
  • Enjoy a 14-day free trial for your business

Reveal all coupons

TeamViewer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for TeamViewer reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is TeamViewer the best?

Yes. They have a free version and a free trial offer. Nevertheless, their software works exceptionally.

What is better than TeamViewer?

In remote access software, TeamViewer is still at the top of the list.

What is TeamViewer used for?

TeamViewer is mainly for connecting access through devices at different places and times.

Is TeamViewer no longer free?

The Remote version is still free of charge.

Is TeamViewer safe to use for free?

Yes. They are undoubtedly safe. That’s because they’re protected by end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, two-factor authentication, and other industry-standard security features such as SSO.

How much does TeamViewer cost?

It depends on what plan you are purchasing. However, it starts at only $24.90 monthly (billed yearly).

Does TeamViewer work on a Mac?

Yes. TeamViewer is also available to use for Mac.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of TeamViewer Reviews & Ratings

Overall, TeamViewer is an excellent software for remote access. Their safe and secure feature, alongside the best performance, will provide you with the best-connected experience. At this rate, fast transfers and excellent-quality files are at your fingertips.

Moreover, they also have an outstanding customer service. Thus, you can reach out to them if you face any difficulties. Then, what makes you worried? Go to their official website and get the software. Download on your Mac or smartphone now!


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